Plug-ins for Web Developers Using Firefox: Part 2

Plug-ins for Web Developers Using Firefox: Part 2

One of the best features for Firefox is its ability to use plugins and add-ons. If you are a web developer or designer, you can use Firefox add-ons to assist you and help save you time. This is part two of my list of favorite plug-ins for Firefox as a web designer. Part one can be found here.
5. SearchStatus

SearchStatus is a plugin that provides a toolbar which allows the user you to see the performance of any website. Designed by Quirk, it is quickly becoming an irreplaceable SEO tool. SearchStatus provides all search related information about a site, all cleanly displayed in one small and sleek toolbar.

4. Open Page Source in a Tab

This plugin will open the page’s source file within a new tab. You can choose your preference whether to open in a new tab or in an existing one.

3. Internet Explorer Tab
This is a wonderful extension that allows you to open a version of Internet Explorer within Firefox. This is awesome for testing your new site which may run and look differently in Internet Explorer and Firefox. On a side note, this plug-in is also useful for executing Windows Update within Firefox.

– IE Tab supports multiple languages
– allows user to switch rendering engine (IE Firefox) within a single click

2. Server Switcher
The Server Switcher allows the user to quickly switch from development to live server sites, allowing you to instantaneously see the differences between the two.

– Ability to create many development and live server pairs
– keyboard shortcuts
– has support for ports other than 80
– supported by both Firefox and flock

1. Firebug
A list of Firefox plugins for web developers would not be complete without Firebugat the very top. Firebug is an awesome tool for debugging JavaScript. Firebug integrates itself within Firefox to put a slew of web developer tools at tips of your fingers while you browse. With this great plugin you are able to edit, debug, and monitor JavaScript, HTML, and CSS real time on any web page. With the ability to debug in real-time, this is a necessity for any who work with web applications.

– Users can edit and inspect HTML live,
– can measure all sizes, offsets, margins, borders, and padding
– gathers a list of every JavaScript file which is being loaded and each ones load time
– pauses execution of JavaScript and sets breakpoints
– has command line for JavaScript, that allows easy coding
– allows user to edit DOM objects real time
– provides error reports of XML, CSS, and JavaScript