5 Plug-ins for Web Developers Using Firefox

5 Plug-ins for Web Developers Using Firefox

One of the greatest features from Firefox is its support of a large range of optional extensions. These can range from privacy, blogging, working with RSS, or simply for having fun. One of the reasons I love Firefox is for its user-friendliness and the ability to have it customized to your needs. Anyone who is a web designer or developer knows the hassle of working with source code and scripting. The following is a list of my five favorite Firefox plugins that I use when working with web design. This is guaranteed to make your life a little easier and save you some time.
1. Web Developer

This plugin will add a menu and toolbar filled with a variety of useful tools. One example of its features is the ability to open the CSS of a page. This enables live editing and is a great tool for any web developer or designer. Web Developer’s feature lsit can be found here.

2. Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey’s user scripts allows customization of virtually any part of a web page’s interaction or design. Hundreds of user scripts are available from many popular sites and are a breeze to install.

3. Del.icio.us

This Del.icio.us plugin will integrate the del.icio.us website within Firefox. For anyone that has not yet used Del.icio.us , it is a social bookmarking website. It is great way to find resources, tutorials, and brand new tips. Del.icio.us is a great tool for web designers and developers alike. It can also be used to bookmark and find websites similar to whatever else interests you. Highly recommended for both web design as well as personal use!

4. Aardvark

When the Aardvark plugin is activated, it will outline and provide the class or ID names for whatever is under the cursor. You will be given the choice to isolate or remove any given element on a page. One of the most useful features is that you will be able to see the source code of any selected element quickly through Aardvark.

5. Colorzilla

Colorzilla will add an advanced version of Page Zoomer, ColorPicker, Eyedropper, as well as many other assorted goodies. ColorZilla will allow you to get a reading for the color of any point in the browser, adjust the color, and paste it into any other program.
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